Chicago Newborn Photography | Baby Dane

I’ll never forget the moment when I found out my Cousin Alex and his wife Lauren were pregnant.   It was on Christmas Day, and I when I saw her at our family party, she was wearing  a tshirt revealing the awesome news.  I dont think everyone caught it at first (probably because our family parties consist of mass crowds clumped together) but I remember I started crying the second I saw her.  Maybe it was because I knew how badly they had wanted this baby, maybe it was from my few glasses of wine, or maybe it was the holiday spirit, but either way, I was thrilled for them.  Heck, I was selfishly thrilled for myself because I knew I’d have a little baby to hold and photograph!    Alex has always been one of my closest cousins/friends and now his wife, Lauren and I are the same way.  Dont even get me started on the weird “bromance” my husband Chris and Alex have formed…..

Needless to say, we were thrilled with the announcement of the birth of their little one- Dane Alexander.   I can’t get enough of his adorable and unique name.  Absolutely perfect, just like him.   Although I have to say, Dane is already showing me who’s boss.  He pooped and peed on me maybe 3 times throughout the shoot.  But ohhh  so worth it for the adorable little smile he gave me at the end.  :) Thank you Alex and Lauren for allowing me to do his newborn photos- I can’t wait to watch this little stud grow up!


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